We are in the first month of 2019 and we are certain that one person in most households is trying to lose weight. The first month of the year is a period when many weight loss and fitness resolutions are made. It creates a situation where many, weight loss methods (good and bad) begin to trend.

We have looked at the weight loss trends in 2018 to create this list of weight loss trends you should try in 2019.
The trends on this list are relatively safe but they are not a magic pill for immediate weight loss.
Below are some weight loss trends to try in 2019;

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a diet pattern in which an individual does not eat for prolonged periods of time(for example, from 12 hours to 48 hours). The most common is the 16:8 period.

16:8 refers to an eating pattern where you do not eat for 16 hours and enjoy your meals during the remaining 8 hours. After the first 12 hours when you do not consume food, your body will begin to use previously inaccessible fat and energy thus promoting weight loss.

You can adjust your fasting schedule according to your needs. Other popular schedules are the 18:6 and 20:4.
If you prefer to fast for an entire day, you can participate In the 5:2 fast. For 5 days in the week, you will be able to eat regularly but for the other 2 days, you will only consume 500-600 calories.

OMAD diet

The OMAD became even more popular last year because of how effective it is as a diet plan. OMAD is an acronym for One Meal A Day and this is a form of intermittent fasting. This diet involves eating once in 24 hours and it can be called a more restricted version of Intermittent Fasting.

During OMAD, your calorie intake is greatly reduced your and body enters a fasted state. Entering a fasted state will improve your body’s ability to burn fat. Hence, eating a meal a day can be very beneficial for weight loss.

Online personal trainer

The use of personal trainers is not new but in the last 2 years, personal training has taken a turn.
Now, personal trainers and fitness buddies can be found online. Numerous personal trainers offer their services through skype, facetime and even snapchat. Online personal trainers offer consultations, fitness advice, workout plans, and nutritional guides. This weight loss trend is especially beneficial if you wish to train with someone who does not live close to you.

Wearable Technology

Sports-driven technology remains and is at the forefront of trend forecasts for 2019. Sport-inspired technology includes smartwatches, activity recording devices and heart rate monitoring bands. Major brands for tracking calorie intake, uptime and downtime are Misfit, Garmin, and Apple. These devices are useful if you would like to keep track of how many steps you take or how many calories you burn. Heart rate monitors are now a safety device in the gym.

Importantly, if you fear that you have a sedentary lifestyle, using a pedometer could encourage you to walk or run more and consequently lose weight.

Beer and Wine yoga

In recent times yoga has gained many variations, from power yoga to hot yoga. Now there is an increase in people opting to practice beer or wine yoga.

This sounds crazy but this trend has motivated a lot of unhealthy people who love wine or beer to join yoga classes.
Beer or wine yoga involves doing yoga with a glass of beer or wine at your side. You take a sip when you are asked to during the class.

The drink relaxes you and helps you enjoy your yoga class or workout. However, you will not be given enough beer or wine to get you drunk.

The Ketogenic Diet

There is no way that I could leave the keto diet out of this list. This type of diet is very similar to the Atkins diet. A keto diet restricts the consumption of carbs. Hence, when eating a Ketogenic diet, you will need to eat more protein and high-fat foods such as meat, nuts, avocados, oils, fatty fish and cheese.

When you restrict how much carbohydrates you eat, your body enters a state of ketosis. During ketosis, the liver stops consuming glucose as a form of energy. Instead, previously stored fat is used to fuel the body and provide energy. The effectiveness of this diet plan is undeniable hence its popularity in the past year.

Notably, the ketogenic diet has been recommended as an aid for reducing the occurrence of epileptic seizures.

If you are trying to lose weight in 2019, we recommend that you try one of these trends. However, be careful and seek the advice of your doctor before making any huge dietary changes.


Mofe Awala-Ale

Mofe is a writer and self-taught baker with a growing interest in beauty and health. When she is not working, she enjoys trying new beauty hacks and health trends.